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Traditional Heat Resistant Clay Pot for Giouvetsi - 36cm (10 servings)

Traditional Heat Resistant Clay Pot for Giouvetsi - 36cm (10 servings)


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Product Description

This Large 36cm Traditional Clay Pot is perfect for cooking mouth-watering Greek Giouvetsi at gatherings or restaurants, as one such pot is equal to 10 fulfilling servings.  This expertly crafted pot withstands high temperatures and retains the liquids of the food, making them extra juicy and delicious. It also manages to evenly distribute the heat in the hull, preventing the ingredients from drying out. Its elegant round shape and hand-painted lines on the lid give each pot a unique touch, as each pot looks different from the other!

Nutritional Components

  • Made from 100% natural certified clay
  • Can be used for cooking in a traditional oven, a wood stove, gas or electric oven, in a microwave, on an open camping fire
  • Suitable for personal and professional use
  • Baked at 1100 °C and resistant to extreme temperature changes
  • 100% Greek

Size: 36cm (Large)

Useful Information

This authentic earthenware hot pot, apart from giouvetsi, also cooks pasta casseroles, roast meat like lamb, goat or pork, pastitsio, moussaka etc.

Instructions before first use: Wash with cool water, without detergent, and let it stay on for 20 minutes at room temperature.

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