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Slices of saganaki - 600g



The traditional Greek saganaki cheese in 6 slices of 100g each, ready to be cooked! Saganaki is one of the most popular and appreciated Greek appetizers (mezedes), ideal for a traditional Greek dinner.

90% pasteurized cow's milk, 10% pasteurized goat's milk, salt, rennet, culture.

Saganaki recipe

Prepare the saganaki is extremely simple and fast, there are many recipes to prepare the delicious Greek cheese. First of all the most famous fried Saganaki recipe, which simply consists in frying the cheese in a pan. It is important to fry the saganaki slice well on both sides, so that it becomes even more crispy outside and juicy inside. Equally tasty is the version of the grilled saganaki recipe, ideal for grilling on a wood or coal fire. Also in this case it is important to cook the Saganaki cheese slice on both sides: pay attention and remove the cheese from the fire in time and do not let it melt completely. No matter how you decide to cook the saganaki, the final advice is always the same: squeeze a lemon slice at the end of the cooking to highlight the unique flavour of the saganaki.



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Quantity: 6 pieces x 100g

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