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PDO feta cheese

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Feta cheese is a PDO cheese, a Greek culinary tradition

Greece is a vast territory with only 11 million inhabitants where the number of farm animals is higher than that of humans. This explains the incredible production of cheeses and dairy products, all of them different from area to area, from island to island.

Among these products, there is a cheese that is certainly the national symbol and at the same time one of the international references for Greek cuisine: the feta cheese. Formally recognized as a PDO cheese in 2002, the Greek feta is one of the most widely used ingredients in traditional Greek cuisine.

In the famous Greek salad the feta cheese obviously holds a leading role. However, there are numerous traditional Greek recipes in which feta cheese figures as a fundamental ingredient: the spanakopita or spinach pie for example, but also the traditional bouyiourdi and many other baked dishes.

Even feta cheese and fish recipes find their place inside the Greek Mediterranean diet.

The production of PDO feta cheese: the secret is in the animals and the raw materials used

The traditional Greek feta cheese is generally produced with a mix of goat's milk (up to 30%) and sheep's milk. It is still produced in most houses in rural Greece; feta cheese bases its quality, taste and flavour on the raw materials used. In fact, the first guarantee of excellence is the milk used which almost always comes from free-grazing farm animals.

The Greek feta before being put on the table is matured and seasoned for at least 4 months, usually in wooden barrels or tanks. There are, however, many different recipes for feta cheese production, every family and every small production reality has its own secret for producing the best feta cheese in all of Greece.