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Greek olives

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Types of Greek olives, the quality and the varieties that have made them famous all over the world

Greek olives are considered the basis of a correct and balanced Mediterranean diet. The quality and taste of the Greek olives makes them ideal for many recipes. Greek olives in salads, as a condiment for meat stew and as a simple aperitif ... their uses in the kitchen are almost endless.

When you think about the Greek cuisine, the culinary excellence of the Mediterranean basin, you definitely think about Greek olives and their top quality. Kalamata olives vs black olives, green olives, small and juicy olives, large and fleshy olives.

For thousands of years the biodiversity of the Greek territory gives Greeks this natural and extremely tasty fruit in many distinct varieties, each with its own flavour and use within the extensive Greek cuisine.

Greek olives kalamata, the queens of the Mediterranean table

Place of honour, of course, for the famous Greek olives kalamata. Black coloured and particularly fleshy, they take their name from the area where they have been growing spontaneously since thousands of years. The city of Kalamata is located in the southern part of the Peloponnese in a natural gulf that protects and regulates the climate. The Greek olives kalamata are recognized internationally as a Mediterranean excellence, the finest table olives. They are, in fact, the protagonists of the Greek salad, as well as of any other Mediterranean salad.

Apart from them, the Greek culinary landscape offers many varieties of olives including the equally exotic Halkidiki variety. These are green coloured large olives with a solid pulp ideally eaten raw after having removed them from their natural brine. The Halkidiki Greek olives originate from the north of the country, from the area of ​​the Halkidiki Peninsula.

The Mediterranean Diet is based on so many natural ingredients that when combined give birth to a tasty and well-being diet. Among the ingredients the Greek olives certainly have a prominent role.