Gigantes Beans - 500g

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Traditional Greek white beans "Gigantes", known for their taste, offer a rich nutritious dish and are eaten either boiled or in the oven or even in salad.

100% Gigantes beans

Gigantes  differ from the large-sized plates in size (65 - 70 pieces/ 100 gr) Their color is white, and their shape is round to kidney. Their excellent quality, their special taste, their boiling point and their very good appearance are due, like the other varieties, to the soil composition and the microclimate of the area. Giants have a high nutritional value rich in energy for the human body without burdening it with cholesterol and fats. Specifically they contain: Energy 356 kcal / 100 gr, Carbohydrates 59.52gr, Fiber 11% Proteins 23.8gr, Fats in total 2.60gr, are rich in minerals and trace elements, have very low calories 80 -100 have a very good source of iron 4 mlg /100gr and contain folic acid (vitamin B9), a substance with anti-cancer activity.

Quantity : 500g

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