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Honeycomb marine sponge 14CM

Greek Flavours


Greek Natural sponges are the accessories you can never miss in the bathroom

Those who understand beauty know that there is nothing better than treating your body and your health with healthy and non-aggressive accessories. This is why Greek natural sponges cannot be missing in the bathroom of anyone who takes care of their body. Natural sponges in fact combine durability, elasticity and softness ... an ideal combination for a gentle and delicate care of your skin.

There are numerous types of sponges, as well as different areas of origin. It is known that Greek natural sponges represent the best quality that can be found in circulation. The natural sponges in Greece are mainly collected in the seabed surrounding the island of Kalymnos, a volcanic island located in front of the Turkish coasts.


Natural sponge: quality and variety

When we talk about a natural sponge, we immediately come up with a sponge about the size of a fist or rather compact. In reality, there are numerous varieties of natural sponge that change according to the collection grounds, the type and the processing they are subjected to.

The natural sponge par excellence is the so-called natural honeycomb sea sponge, typically dark in colour like coffee. It is characterized by a rather varied shape, usually the size of a palm of a hand, and by the articulated structure that reminds a nest of bees. It is quite compact and with an incredible natural softness. It is a sponge variety of the rarest and therefore also one of the most expensive, it is a natural sponge suitable for children and adults.

There are also many other types of natural sponge, among the most known there is the classic hypoallergenic sponge that has undergone deeper treatments aimed at removing all impurities. It is characterized by a bright yellow colour and is particularly suitable for children's skin. Also for this reason the dimensions on the market are usually reduced, around 8-10 cm in diameter.


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