Can of Stevia crystals - 900g – La Mia Stevia


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Eritritolo, Glicosidi steviolici (TSG 97,2% - RebA 67,5%)
  • glutenfree
  • sugarfree
  • vegan
  • vegeterian
  • Thermopylae

The 900gr can of stevia rebaudiana crystals is a pack of super value which corresponds to about 3 kg of sugar. The sweetness of the La Mia Stevia products is in fact three times higher than sugar.

Therefore the 900gr format is ideal for those who use stevia every day in their personal diet. Stevia is in fact a natural sweetener with 0 calories that you can use as you like, to sweeten beverages such as coffee and tea or to prepare your favourite desserts. Once you have integrated stevia to your diet you will never turn back!