Greek grocery products are something that you keep in mind after visiting Greece. Anyone who goes back home after spending time in Greece has two or three images that remain carved in his/her memory: the crystal blue sea, the pink and white sunset on the houses of Chora, the colours and smells of invitingly dressed festive tables, the Greek grocery shops in the islands.

It is precisely this last image we of Greek Flavours love and have as a source of inspiration. The Greek hospitality is renowned throughout the world and Greek cuisine is a melting pot of traditions that reveal themselves to each dish and that gradually conquer every sense.

Each region has its own specialties representing the vastity of Greek grocery, each producer offers its own unique recipe with the pride of those who know they have a treasure in their hands. All recipes are different one from the other, but they all have a thin thread that unites them ... the earth.

The raw materials that are used are the same ones grandmothers who lovingly prepare food for their grandchildren have been using for years. Healthy and tasty food, this is the authentic Greek recipe!


Greece has a remarkable range of micro-climates and local variations, biodiversity is perfectly and harmoniously mixed with the geodiversity. The result and the impact on the Greek grocery is easy to guess: each micro-climate area has its product, every region its own recipe, each island of the Aegean Sea its own story to tell.

That is why the fava produced in Santorini is impossible to find elsewhere and the extra virgin olive oil extracted from the county of Messinia in the Kalamata region is requested all over the world.

The Mytilini ouzo has such a close relationship with the island tradition that there may not be one without the other. The baked goods made in Crete have a unique taste and fragrance.

This is the diversity that we like to narrate, many small stories that when put together form a unique image, which is daily enriched and embellished by small big novelties.

Discover one by one all the excellences that Greece and its land produce!