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Making the best Greek dishes will never have seemed so simple. In this section you will find all the recipes and tips to make typical Greek dishes in a simple and fast way. Dive into the tradition of Greek gastronomy and enjoy its incredible flavours at your place.

Greek dishes: the best and most traditional Greek dishes

Greek dishes are based on numerous ingredients that originate from its territory and whose reputation has no geographical boundaries. Greek olives, extra virgin olive oil, feta cheese or Greek yogurt, to name a few, are among the most used products by all those who love a balanced and tasty cuisine.

The typical Greek dishes are closely related to the raw materials that are found in the country, the Greek Mediterranean diet is one of the best known and most appreciated food regimes. The Greek gastronomic tradition is able to conjugate in a nearly perfect way the taste of the recipes with the wellbeing for the body.

The Greek dishes are typically all a balance of raw materials and taste: the moussaka combines vegetables, meat and cheese in an exceptionally good and refined recipe. The Greek salad is the perfect and ideal expression of the Greek summer, vegetables and cheese come together in a traditional fresh dish full of energy. The spanakopita is perhaps the most famous and savoury pie in the world, its taste certainly precedes its name.

Discover how to prepare quickly and easily all the best Greek dishes in your home!


The typical Greek dishes are tradition in strong transformation

It is a trend that can be found in any traditional kitchen, innovation in the kitchen is a necessary step: new chefs are also emerging on the Greek culinary scene. These young chefs have the gift of being able to bring innovation into a kitchen that has always been seen as predominantly linked to the traditions of the family.

The products of the field are always the main inspiration for the "new" Greek dishes, and could not be otherwise given the productive wealth of the country. Combining the taste of typical Greek dishes, innovation and body wellness is a task that the Greeks (creative people even in the kitchen!) accomplish successfully.


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