Volkan Santorini Blonde Beer – 0.33l – Volkan


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Water, Barley malt, Chopped wheat, Hops, Yeast, Blend of fragrant honey Santorini and Citrus Medica
  • sugarfree
  • vegan
  • vegeterian
  • Santorini

Technical note: PILSNER, produced using new world exotic hops and adding honey and lemons from Santorini. Ideal served ice cold with Mediterranean dishes.

Service: Drink in a filled glass to enjoy its full aroma, tasted at 6-7 degrees, let the aromas to ascend like a wine.

Colour: Golden amber and effervescent bubbles with perfect head.

Taste: Notes of yellow plum, with light malt develops into a rounded tone of soft ginger. Not too acid, with a smooth and balanced finish.

Features: 5% vol.