Metaxa 12 Star - 0.70l - METAXA


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  • glutenfree
  • vegan
  • vegeterian
  • Athens

The 12 Star Metaxa brandy is the result of the incredible union of the art of aging and of the distillate of Moscato grapes, coming exclusively from the island of Samos.

This brandy has an amber colour with copper-coloured reflections. The taste is lively and concentrated with elegant notes of dried figs, orange peel and spicy aromatic herbs.

The 12 Star Metaxa brandy results velvety, silky and complex to the palate. It has an intense flavor with hints of bitter cocoa, caramelized figs and prunes, dried orange and a touch of liquorice.

Finally, you may feel a touch of spice and orange peel that helps to build the complexity expected from a unique product.