Groats Pligouri - 3x500g

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Groats or Pligouri comes from durum wheat grains and is a well-known ingredient in the Mediterranean diet. Ideal for salads, pilaf, gemista, dolmadakia, kokinisto and giouvetsi .

100% durum wheat grain

Although forgotten by Greek cuisine in recent years, it is making its appearance again, and in fact as a superfood. In the past in Greece it was a staple food for years until processed foods appeared. It is one of the healthiest cereals that can be added to your diet. The same food has many names depending on the region. Oatmeal or bulgur or porridge or coarse is a food of high biological value, it is a cereal and not pasta and is made from many different types of wheat, but mainly from durum wheat. It is the product of the wheat kernel, since it has been heat treated, dried and crushed. Ideal for salads, pilaf, stuffed, dolmadas, juvette and braised pies.

Food pairing: ideal for salads, pilaf, gemista, dolmadakia, kokkinisto and giouvetsi.

Quantity: 3x500g

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