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Stevia sugar, stevia rebaudiana

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Stevia rebaudiana, directly from Greece the European and 100% traceable stevia

Very few people know it, but the only stevia rebaudiana production in Europe is located in Greece, in an area near the city of Lamia. In the valleys surrounding the famous Thermopylae more than 90 producers have joined forces to create a common project: to produce high quality stevia plant in Greece.

Stevia is a natural sweetener with 0 calories that the people of South America have been using since centuries to sweeten their drinks, their yerba mate in the first place. The addition of two or three stevia leaves to your beverage guarantees a degree of sweetness equivalent to sugar but with no calories.


Stevia sugar is a sweetener suitable for diabetics and for those who want to maintain a controlled diet

Recent studies have demonstrated that stevia sugar can be used by people affected by diabetes. Furthermore, it has been proven that stevia consumption may have positive effects in subjects with cardiovascular problems.

In essence, stevia is a natural sweetener ideal for any diet. It has 0 calories and this has transformed it in the most sought after sweetener for anyone who wants to maintain a balanced and controlled nutrition.

Greek stevia is the only large-scale production of stevia in Europe, the only one being 100% traceable thanks to the quality certifications of all production process stages.