Organic evoo MONASTERY - 0.75l - Chrisopigi Monastery


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100% Organic extra virgin olive oil
  • glutenfree
  • organic
  • sugarfree
  • vegan
  • vegeterian
  • Heraklion

The Chrisopigi Monastery is located south of the city of Chania, on the island of Crete and it has an architecture that resembles to the monasteries of Mount Athos. The monastery is surrounded by secular olive groves and immersed in the green of the island; it is an ideal place for the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil.

The organic wastes of the monastery are converted into compost to be used as natural fertilizer while the rest of the waste is recycled. In addition, the nuns are engaged in environmental education programs for schoolchildren from all over Europe!

The extra virgin olive oil that is squeezed into the monastery is an organic product with a reduced impact on the environment.