Organic pennyroyal from Naxos - 25g

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Pennyroyal is a herb with a characteristic mint scent. The drink based on leaves and buds is considered to have expectorant, antiastmatic properties and is indicated for the cleaning of smokers' lungs. Menthol, one of its main substances, relieves muscle spasms all over the body. It is considered to improve digestion and to treat gastrointestinal disorders.

Pennyroyal has been used occasionally to relieve joint pain and alleviate rheumatic pain. It also has stimulating properties of the heart and diuretics as well as a remarkable antioxidant action. It has also been observed that problems of migraine, headaches, dizziness and neurological disorders have decreased significantly by consuming the mint and its excipients.

100% organic Pennyroyal leaves

The dry summer heat of the island of Naxos mixes with the sea breeze that carries iodine and fresh air to the island's valleys.

The island of Naxos has always been the center of shipbuilding and trade routes, being one of the most important and representative islands in the archipelago of the Cyclades. Since the ancient times, the trade of medicinal plants grown in the area has been a source of livelihood as well as a tradition of well-being.

The organic aromatic herbs used by Organic Island grow in this context without fertilizers and chemical agents.

Quantity : 25g

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