Organic sage from Naxos - 25g

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Sage, from the Latin "Salvus" that means healthy, is an aromatic plant which since the ancient times was known for its beneficial properties. Sage is often used as a natural remedy for fever and cough and it also has a strong anti-inflammatory action. Sage is native to the Mediterranean region and it has been known and used since the ancient times. Romans considered it a sacred plant and its collection was a real rite.

The Organic Island organic sage has a high concentration of essential oil that gives the plant both an intense aroma and unique beneficial properties.

100% Organic Sage

Produced in a 100% certified organic farm, the Organic Island sage, thanks to the high concentration of essential oil, has a slightly pepery taste and an intense aroma.

Once the plant is mature, the so-called balsamic period, the leaves are harvested by hand and gently laid in the sun to dry. The sun of the Cyclades s, dry and powerful, guarantees a perfect natural drying process.

When the drying process is over, the leaves are placed in sealed bags that preserve all the aromas.

Quantity : 30g

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