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39% béchamel (milk, water, wheat flour (contains gluten), soya oil, margarine [vegetable oils and fat (palm oil, soya oil, palm stearin), water, salt, emulsifiers (mono- and di-glycerides of fatty acids, polyglycerol esters of fatty acids), acidity regulator: citric acid, preservative: potassium sorbate, flavouring], hard cheese, eggs, salt, sugar, white pepper, nutmeg), 29,4% pasta penne boiled [durum wheat semolina (contains gluten), water], 31,2% minced meat sauce (minced beef meat, peeled tomatoes, 3,8% extra virgin olive oil, tomato paste, onions, salt, sugar, black pepper, pimento, cinnamon), hard cheese, bread crumbs. May contain traces of celery and mustard.

The pastitsio is a great classic of Greek cuisine. The preparation of traditional Greek pastitsio is quite simple and quick, the result is an exquisite dish full of taste.

Pastitsio owes its origin to the Italian word "pasticcio" referring to the mixing of ingredients in a fairly random way inside the pan. In reality, the preparation of Greek pastitsio has a very precise procedure and a list of indispensable ingredients ... starting from a high quality ground meat, up to pasta from pastitsio n ° 2.

The ready-made 400g portion of pastitsio is an ideal solution for those who want to try the traditional Greek recipe, prepared with all the original ingredients. It is a ready-made dish that can be considered a complete meal. Alternatively, it can be shared with others as a delicious appetizer.

Taste the pastitsio ready, close your eyes ... and you will wake up in a Greek tavern by the sea!


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