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Epoch: Greek organic producer

A unique brand, whose philosophy and soul are deeply rooted in the sacred land of Greece, with a direct connection to the changing seasons and nature. An era is indeed a moment in time that marks the beginning of a specific period of history.

Olives and olive oil are among the simplest and most representative products of the Greek nature, the alternation of the seasons is their secret. The alternation of the seasons indicates the ideal time to plant the seeds and harvest the fruits; that is how the Epoch products take shape and life.

For the carefully selected products that carry the Epoch logo nature is everything. Man's work and intervention are minimized so as not to alter the natural qualities of the raw materials, to offer products of superior quality that proudly meet all the trade standards. Epoch exists thanks to this balance of nature and expertise, its mission is to achieve flavours connected to the Greek tradition, a 100% pure and authentic..


Epoch has chosen to focus its attention on the creation of the most representative products of the Greek culinary tradition.

The wide range of Olives reflects the wide variety of products of the earth; the Kalamata olives and the green olives from Halkidiki are the most well known products of that category, table olives with unique and particular flavour.

The PDO Feta cheese is the most famous Greek cheese, a product which identifies the Greek cuisine. The classic Greek salad and numerous other recipes are prepared using the feta cheese, a healthy and very tasty ingredient.

The mullet bottarga is a product increasingly hard to find, an excellence of the Mediterranean cuisine. Greece thanks to its still uncontaminated lagoon waters preserves the production of this exquisite product. The Epoch mullet bottarga has flavours and aromas typical of the Mediterranean region.


Epoch with its products is able to cover different geographical areas of Greece, representing one of the production companies that best describes the biodiversity of the Greek land. Indeed, while the halkidiki olives come from the region of Central Macedonia, which is located in the north of the country, the kalamon olives are grown in the rich region of Peloponnese.

All the products and production processes are certified with the best global standards, including ISO and BRC FOOD, ensuring a safe and healthy product.

Enter the new era of healthy and tasty eating!