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6 Fix Hellas & 6 Fix Dark - 0.33l

Olympic Brewery


  • Fix Hellas 0.33l

FIX Hellas Premium Lager beer is an ideal choice for every moment of the day, with its smooth and full taste, with its bouquet of refined and floral aromas dominated by the malt aroma and with the balanced bitterness, leaving an aftertaste. -long lasting round taste.

  • Fix Dark 0.33l

FIX Dark is a Premium Dark Lager that "surprises" from the first sip, with its easy to drink, balanced taste and rich, creamy head. The bouquet of scents is dominated by the freshness of aromas of apple, banana, Griechische Produkte | 6 Fix Hellas & 6 Fix Dark - 0.33l. Entdecken Sie die besten griechischen Produkte in unserem Online-Shop und wählen Sie Ihren Favoriten!caramel and freshly baked malt.

  • Fix Hellas 0.33l

Water, barley malt, maltose, hops, yeast.

  • Fix Dark 0.33l

Water, barley malt, hops, yeast.


  • Fix Hellas 0.33l
  • Fix Dark 0.33l

Alcohol content:

  • Fix Hellas 5% Vol
  • Fix Dark 5.2% Vol

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