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Apple Jam with Black Currant and Apple Cider Vinegar - 400g



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The best apple jam you have ever tasted !! Apples, raisins and apple cider are all coming from the valley of Omvriakos, a few kilometres away from the famous Thermopylae.

There are many jams, but natural and handmade jams like those produced by Dolopia are very few and unique. The particular combination of apples, raisins and cider expresses all the creativity of Eirini and Vassilis, the owners of this small family running company.

Apple, Black Currant, Sugar, Hibiscus, Cinnamon

The raw materials are chosen according to the season of the year, are fresh and obtained through a km 0 process.

Dolopia creates its jams using only seasonal fruit from the valley of Omvriakos, the production is therefore extremely limited. Once the apple season is over, we must wait for the next year to savour this jam.

From year to year the ingredients change; this makes the jams of Dolopia truly unique and unrepeatable products.

Quantity: 400g

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