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Barrel Aged PDO Feta Epirus - approx 3.5kg

Greek Flavours


Greek barrel aged feta, produced with milk of free grazing sheep and goats! Throughout the centuries, feta was traditionally made in barrels and was left there to age, enough so the cheese would interact with the wooden barrel, making its taste slightly more spicy and its texture a bit harder and resistant. This is exactly the way it is made nowadays, keeping the tradition and the history of this great cheese alive and as for the result… The Greek Feta at its finest! Take advantage of the whole portion of 3.5kg, that is resistant to time and can be kept in the fridge and will remain fresh and delicious!

Ingredients: pasteurized sheep and goat milk, dry fat 43%, maximum humidity 56%
Quantity: around 3.5kg

Nutritional Value (per 100g): Energy 1228kJ/296kcal - Fat 23.5g - from which saturated 12.8g -Carbohydrates 3.0g - from which sugars 3.0g - Proteins 18.1g - Salt 2.8g.

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