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Volkan Santorini Blonde Beer - 330ml

Volkan Brewery


Volkan Santorini Blonde beer is a fine pilsner made from new world exotic hops combined with honey and citrus from the island of Santorini. What makes this beer special, besides the pure ingredients, is that it's ‘’dry hopped'', so it can achieve its' aromatic perfection. Its' taste has notes of yellow plum, with light malt that develops into a rounded soft ginger tone. It also has a balanced smooth finish, making it ideal to accompany you at any moment of the day or night!

Water, Barley malt, Chopped wheat, Hops, Yeast, Blend of fragrant honey Santorini and Citrus Medica

History: A Greek beer with rare and ancient flavors
Santorini is volcanic and unique. Our spectacular island receives little rainfall. So what grows is intense in taste and aroma and in limited quantities. When brewing Volkan, we bring together mineral water filtered with lava stone and the best ingredients from the region. rare Santorini grape honey and old Citrus Medica essence from Naxos. Volkan brings you Santorini, blonde, black, white & gray.

Taste and appearance: notes of yellow plum with light malt develop into a round tone of soft ginger. Not too sour, with a smooth and balanced finish. Golden amber and bubbly bubbles with a perfect head.
Service: Drink a full glass to enjoy the full aroma, which is tasted at 6-7 degrees, and let the aromas rise like a wine.
Alcohol: 5% vol

Quantity: 0.33l

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