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Voreia IPA Beer – 0.33l



Energy, flavours, aftertaste… A beer with plenty additions of American hops and three types of malt which provide intense aromas of citrus and conifers, amber colour and long lasting aftertaste. Simply awesome!

Colour: Affects amber colour, the foam is white-beige, quite thick at the begging and gradually decreases.

Aromas: As for the aromas, the American hop is the key flavour component and you can fell the herbal aromas immediately after pouring the beer into the glass, while a sense of grapefruit is distinguished as the beer warms up.

Taste: rather tasty with caramel from the malt in a balanced game with hot creating a beautiful harmonic result. The beer’s increasing temperature leaves a velvet taste in the mouth. Moderate density which becomes proportionately thicker and silky when the temperature increases. The carbonation id moderate to gentle, common at beers of this category.

Combinations: Ideal with several meats as veal or lamb, spicy foods with curry or cold and chilly cheese, blue cheese. If you are a dessert fan, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a carrot or caramel cake or even a delicious crème brullè along with an IPA

Alcohol: 7% vol

Quantity : 330ml

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