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12 Voreia SAA Beers – 0.33l



Voreia Smoked Amber Ale is an innovative recipe for Greek craft, full of delicious flavours and aromas of tobacco and wood followed in the background by caramel and raisin notes. It has a soft and smooth taste with a slight bitterness on the aftertaste and aromas of smoke. It has a semi-transparent copper colour with a thick foam, creating a special visual effect like no other! Pair the Smoked Amber Ale with smoked cold cuts, grilled meat and vegetables or smoked cheese and you will have a unique tasting experience!

Colour: bronze to red brown, translucent, dense foam with good durability

Aromas: aromas of tobacco, baked caramel, bread and bacon are prominent.

Taste: the taste is soft and sweet at first and the tobacco leaves a delightful aftertaste with a slight bitterness. Rye and heavy caramelized Belgian malts complete the sophisticated feel.

Combinations: it combines perfectly with smoked sausages and grilled meats. It can also be combined with roasted vegetables and chili, smoked cheeses such as gouda and cheddar, and drunk at a temperature close to 8 degrees as a drink.

Alcohol: 7% vol.

Quantity: 0.33l

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