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Voreia Stout Beer – 0.33l



A distinctly roasted chocolate, unfiltered and unpasteurized, beer made with special malt which produce caramel and chocolate aromas. The class history and its distinctive flavour obtain a new dimension with additional unique raw materials, six different barley musts and pure Greek barley.

Colour: black colour with brown, creamy and velvet foam.

Aromas: roasted aromas and chocolate hints, coffee and caramel are harmoniously combined, adding a special taste.

Taste: the taste is full, creamy and sweet; acidity, chocolate, coffee and caramel are slightly distinguished which emerge immediately leaving a strong bitter aftertaste of black chocolate.

Combinations: ideally with veal and pork, barbeque sauce, truffle, cheddar cheese and blue cheese and molluscs. In addition, it can be accompanied with desserts such as chocolate cake, chocolate soufflé or vanilla ice cream.

Alcohol: 6% vol.

Quantity: 330ml

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