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Beetroot salad with quince and ginger - 260g



Beetroot, quince and ginger on the grater, marinated in vinegar, with the gentle sweetness of brown sugar - a combination that accompanies the whole range of flavors: smoked turkey, basmati rice, barley rusk and much more.

Beetroot, quince, demerara sugar, vinegar, fresh ginger, lemon, salt and pectin (0.2%)

History: The sample house work is located in the heart of the Domokos plateau in the area of old Dolopia, where the ruins of an old strong wall and a castle as well as many ceramic fragments have been preserved to this day. The aim is to create quality products that always show the necessary respect for people and nature:

  • All Dolopia products are handmade.
  • They use fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • No preservatives, coagulants or other additives are used.
  • They use old techniques and recipe.

Quantity: 260g

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