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Beetroot salad with quince and ginger - 260g



Beetroot, quince and ginger on the grater, marinated in vinegar, with the gentle sweetness of brown sugar - a combination that accompanies the whole range of flavors: smoked turkey, basmati rice, barley rusk and much more.

Beetroot, quince, demerara sugar, vinegar, fresh ginger, lemon, salt and pectin (0.2%)

History: The sample house work is located in the heart of the Domokos plateau in the area of old Dolopia, where the ruins of an old strong wall and a castle as well as many ceramic fragments have been preserved to this day. The aim is to create quality products that always show the necessary respect for people and nature:

  • All Dolopia products are handmade.
  • Choose all of our raw materials for quality.
  • Use fresh fruits and vegetables in season.
  • No preservatives, coagulants or other additives are used.
  • Use old techniques and recipe.

The daily goal is to improve and perfect ourselves. The commitment and its goals are justified by awards in international competitions such as the Great Taste Awards and the Dalemain Marmalades Awards. The variety of their products consists of: jams & sweets, starters, sauces & ketchup, pasta, honey.

Quantity: 260g

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