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Organic Greek clementines - 1kg



  • BIO Clementines come from a tree that is smaller than an orange tree. Their characteristics are pulp, fibers, aroma and delicious juice. Unlike oranges, clementine zest is easy to remove.
  • Plus, they're low in sugar, making them an extremely healthy choice. Clementines also contain fiber and nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, phosphorus, vitamin E, vitamin A, and folic acid.

Consumption: clementines are eaten fresh, in juice and in salads. They are also used in desserts, jams, smoothies, and candies.


IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT WEIGHT: All produce is subject to normal weight fluctuation due to the laws of nature. Sometimes they grow bigger and sometimes smaller, especially since they are organic products. When preparing your orders we always try to respect the indicated weight, however there may be a difference from time to time usually in the order of + or - 10%.

Weight: 1kg

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