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Organic mini Strifti with mizithra and feta - 200g



This BIO Mini Strifti pies with Mizithra and Feta is the best snack for your cravings! It is made with pure and organic ingredients and it is very easy to prepare. The combination of Mizithra and Feta cheese creates a delicious, creamy and healthy pie filling like no other. This Strifti is a single portion, meaning that you will not have to worry about having leftovers. You can keep it always in your freezer and within 30 minutes you will have a tasty, healthy and most of all Greek delicacy at your plate!


WHEAT flour*, water, MYZITHRA cheese* 14% (whey from sheep MILK*, whey from goat MILK*), sunflower oil*, durum WHEAT semolina*, FETA CHEESE* 3% (pasteurized sheep MILK*, pasteurized goat MILK*, salt, rennet, lactic acid bacteria culture), corn starch*, salt, sugar*.
Energy: 1179 kJ / 280 kcal
Fat: 9,8g
Saturated fat: 2,4g
Carbon: 37,7g
Sugar: 2,1g
Edible Fibers: 1,9g
Protein: 9,4g
Salt: 1g

*Organic product

Important note on Frozen goods: All the precautions that are taken in the preparation of shipments of refrigerated products are aimed at a correct purchasing experience on European territory. However, when refrigerated shipments take place outside Europe, it is more difficult to guarantee 100% correct temperature maintenance of the products. In any case, we recommend consuming refrigerated products on the day of delivery or in the hours immediately following.

Instructions: Remove the lid. Bake the product directly from the freezer in preheated oven at 170-180ο C with air circulation or at 190-200ο C without air circulation, for 20-25 minutes. The baking time depends on the desired colour of the product and the oven type.

Net weight: 200g

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