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Organic red cabbage - around 800g-1,2kg



Organic red cabbage is a vegetable that provides a significant supply of retinol and vitamin C. These vitamins are two powerful antioxidants and have a good effect against free radicals, preventing tissue aging and some forms of cancer.
Compared to green cabbage, red cabbage has 10 times the content of pro vitamins A and more than double the iron.

All this translates into a powerful antioxidant and anticancer effect. Polyphenols help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels and also have a positive effect on metabolism.

Weight: 800g-1,2kg

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT WEIGHT: All produce is subject to normal weight fluctuation due to the laws of nature. Sometimes they grow bigger and sometimes smaller, especially since they are organic products. When preparing your orders we always try to respect the indicated weight, however there may be a difference from time to time usually in the order of + or - 10%.

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