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Bran Sticks Vitality - 300g



A delicious breakfast, proposed to be consumed with almond or soy milk, yogurt, smoothies or smoothie bowls, but also a hearty snack of high nutritional value throughout the day.


With coconut sugar! Suitable for diabetics! Ideal for children!

Emmer whole meal flour (Triticum dicoccum) (34%), Coconut Sugar (bio) (20%), Whole Grain Oatmeal (15%), Banana (10%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (5%), Linseed (bio) (5%), Coconut Flour (5%), Carob Flour (5%), Almonds (1%), Cranberry (bio), Cinnamon

Suitable for 

  • Vegetarians and Vegans 
  • Those who want to increase their daily fibre intake tastefully
  • Children and adults
  • People with diabetes
  • People with increased body weight, and dyslipidemias (increased cholesterol).

Quantity : 300g

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