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Cretan Graviera with Thyme - 200g

Kriton Paradosi


This Cretan Graviera with Thyme is a semi-hard yellow cheese made with sheep and goat’s milk and studded with aromatic thyme. Enjoy this unique cheese by slicing and melting over a pizza, grilling with feta, or eating raw with rusk. This cheese is enjoyed best when combined with a glass of Roditis variety wine or tsipouro. Aged for a distinctive flavor and nutty character, it's a delightful cheese for any occasion.

Quantity : 200g

Ingredients: Goat and sheep milk, lactobacillus culture, rennet, salt, thyme.

Nutritional values: Energy: 1725 kJ / 412 kcal - Fat 31.6g - from which saturated 22.0g - Carbohydrates 0.7g - from which sugars 0.5g - Proteins 28.9g - Salt 0.72g.

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