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Extra virgin olive oil low acidity - 0.50l



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The Lucius 500ml extra virgin olive oil is entirely and exclusively produced with olives of the koroneiki variety, the “queen” quality of Greek olives for the production of EVO oil. The 100% koroneiki extra virgin olive oil is believed to be the best of all Greece; a product of perfumed excellence and rich in polyphenols, extremely delicate and ideal for highlighting the flavours of tartar and fish dishes.

100% Koroneiki Olives

The nutritional values are among the highest, the colour is clear green-gold, the acidity is naturally low, well below the threshold of 0.80% which has been defined as the maximum limit so that an olive oil can be considered extra virgin. The "no-refill anti-counterfeit" cap is the guarantee of an intact and high-quality product. The dark glass bottle keeps the organoleptic qualities unaltered, isolating the oil from the action of sunlight. Lucius 500ml is an extra virgin olive oil produced every year in the village of Alifira in Peloponnese, where all the inhabitants participate in the harvest “festival” sharing their secular experience and memories. The result is one of the best products in all of Greece, a mouth-watering extra-virgin olive oil. The harvest of the koroneiki olives takes place every year in November, when the fruits reach the ideal point of ripening and when their squeezing is able to give the best quality of extra virgin olive oil. Below the olive trees, which are about at 600m above sea level, are positioned the nets that gently receive the olives.

Once harvested, the olives go to the sieve, always manual, and then they are immediately squeezed to prevent the oxidation process from starting and the oil from becoming excessively acid.

Qunatity: 500ml


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