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Golden Retsina - 500ml

Georgiadis Wines


The retsina that with its characteristic packaging and its extraordinary taste has been affirmed as a registered trademark of our company.


History: In the mid-1940s, Georgiadis Antonios begins his family's long journey with the opening of a factory to manufacture and fill soft drinks called ALPHA, as well as wines and retsina called GEORGIADIS, which only cater to the needs of the local market in Thessaloniki. Originally, the traditional barrel retsina was produced in small quantities and only offered in taverns and restaurants. Over the years, people learned and loved the original barrel retsina, which was bottled in the characteristic GOLD RETSINA GEORGIADIS carafe and kept its original aroma and pure quality. GEORGIADIS winery successfully ranks 6th among 720 wineries in Greece based on profitability and 26th place based on sales (based on Hellastat AE 2012 study).

Taste: The Savatiano grape and the addition of resin make up the secret of its really wonderful taste.

Drink at a temperature of 8 to 10 ° C

Quantity: 0.50l

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