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Grace Gin - 700ml

Avantes Distillery


Grace Gin is produced in a traditional copper still in small batches. There are 13 carefully selected botanists used to flavor this exceptional gin by the "steep and boil" method.

13 botanicals: orange blossom, pink pepper, orange peel, lemon peel, juniper, Kritamos, angelica root, cardamom, coriander, schino, myrtle leaves, iris roots, cassia.

The heart of the first distillation is collected and distilled again with the remaining botanicals and with the extra addition of juniper. In this phase, a steam-infused method is applied to extract the essential oils of some botanicals (a technique used in the luxury perfume industry).

Also in this case the "heart" is collected and in order to enhance the final aromas of the distillate, the distiller applies a soft and light filtering method. For each batch of three different liquids with different percentage of botanicals, they are produced and double distillation and blend with the final product.

Alcohol : 45.7%

Quantity : 0.70l


Silver medal in World Spirit Competition, of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020

Master Award in Ultra- Premium Gin category of the Luxury Spirits Masters 2019

Winner 2018 in distilled Gin category, of the Gin Guide Awards

Gold medal in Packaging & Design category, of the International Competition IWSC 2018

Silver medal in Gin & Tonic category,of the International Competition IWSC 2018

Silver medal in London Dry category, of the International Competition IWSC 2018

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