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Kritharaki Egg Pasta - 500g

776 Deluxe


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A few years ago the use of the electric oven was not as prevalent as it is now in the Greek houses. The village oven was often used for the preparation of the Sunday lunch, which in the villages used to be served in the church’s courtyard. That is how the traditional giouvetsi recipe made with tomato sauce and lamb or beef used to be prepared. The ideal pasta for oven baking should be sufficiently thick and have a form that facilitates the mix with the sauce. The kritharaki was born precisely to meet these needs and the 776 Deluxe Kritharaki Egg Pasta is a pasta born from a need that has evolved in culinary excellence.

Wheat Flour, Eggs (21.49%), Pasteurized Cow Milk, Salt

The Kritharaki pasta is produced using fresh eggs and pasteurized cow's milk. Its particular elongated shape, similar to a grain of rice, allows it to support a rather long cooking procedure in particular for recipes that end with a passage in the oven. For the production of this paste, 776 Deluxe uses a semi-automatic method: the presence of the manual component ensures an extremely controlled and high quality product.

Quantity: 500g

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