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Organic herbal tea Fantasia - 30g

Organic Islands


The organic herbal blend Fantasia by Organic Island is a real explosion of flavours and aromas of the Mediterranean.

The sage, whose name derives from the Latin "Salvus" and means healthy, has numerous properties: from a therapeutic point of view is indicated for anti-inflammatory treatments, it helps digestion and has balsamic effects. From a medical point of view is a stimulant that acts on both the body and the mind, with positive effects on memory. The rosemary also has several properties, it alleviates muscle pain and also has a tonic and stimulating effect for the immune and circulatory systems. The orange zest adds a pleasant scent to the blend and has digestive and calming properties.

Sage, Rosemary, Orange Peel.

All the organic aromatic herbs used by Organic Island are cultivated, without fertilizers or chemicals, on the island of Naxos located in the heart of the Cyclades.

Famous for the sanctuary of Demeter and Apollo dating from the sixth century BC and the Gate of Apollo, Naxos is a real heaven from a naturalistic point of view, with uncontaminated beaches and crystal clear water. The dry and intense hot of the Greek summer helps to increment the concentration of essential oils found in herbs.

It is in these conditions and away from the pollution that plants grow vigorous and fragrant.

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