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Ouzo Retro - 200ml



A package that is a tribute to the workers of the island of Mytilene, a product that has made the history of this island located in the far east of the Aegean Sea. The ouzo of Mytilene is a PGI product of unique and intense flavour with a fresh scent of anise, the classic accompaniment for a real greek aperitif. When the sun is at its full strength, sip ouzo with ice cubes, this is the best way to cool off and have a great time in company of family and friends.

Water, Anise, Alcohol, Sugar

The Giannatsis Distillery has been producing a very high quality ouzo for over 80 years using only raw materials deriving from the island of Mytilene.

This is a unique PGI product. Grape must, aromatic herbs like maratho, the care of all the raw materials allows to obtain a product of excellence with an intense flavour, a drink directly from the heart of Greece.

Drinking ouzo from the island of Mytilene is a ritual. Sipping ouzo at sunset has become one of the most representative images of the greek lifestyle: flavours, perfumes and entertainment come together in a moment rich in tradition.

Quantity: 200ml

Vol: 40%

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