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Ouzo Retro - 700ml



The limited edition of ouzo from Plomari Retro is a tribute to all those people who at the beginning of the last century consecrated their lives to the production of this traditional liqueur. In this limited edition product no sugar or other sweeteners have been used.

The production of ouzo has a unique history and it is tied inextricably to the land and to the Greek migrants that arrived from Turkey on the island of Lesbos in Greece. At the beginning of the last century, in the small village of Plomari on the island of Mytilene, arrived a group of “rakitzides”. Among them there was Dimitris Giannatsis, coming from Asia Minor from a family that for generations had specialized in the distillation of the most famous Greek liqueur.

Water, Anise, Alcohol

Since 1932 the Giannatsis Distillery follows the same traditional recipe and uses only raw materials grown on the island of Lesbos. Grapes juice, anise and aromatic herbs are the ingredients that are carefully measured and mixed to form the best quality of ouzo in Greece.

Since 2013 the "Ouzo from Plomari" is recognized as a product with Protected Designation of Origin: the ingredients are 100% natural and can be found on the island while from a cultural point of view the ouzo is strictly connected to the island of Lesbos.

Quantity: 700ml

Vol: 40%

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