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Hummus - 250g

Greek Flavours


Hummus is a traditional sauce made from Greek chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and olive oil. It is an ancient recipe that has travelled through the years maintaining its original character. Hummus is one of the most healthy and light dips you can have on your table. Also, you can accompany almost everything with Hummus, since its flavour is so rich that will enhance every meal. Try the Hummus ready sauce to get a taste of 100% Mediterranean flavour!

Ingredients: 47% chickpeas (water, vegetable oil (soybean oil, sunflower oil), modified starch (gluten-containing), grape pomace, sugar, table salt, mustard, tahini, Onion, grape pomace, 0,5% garlic, table salt, lemon juice, spices.

Quantity: 250g

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