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Tirosalata - 250g

Greek Flavours


Tirosalata means ‘Cheese salad' in Greek and it has taken this name because it is a mix of Feta cheese and Mizithra cheese. It can be used as a spread, due to its mild taste and creamy texture, but it can also be used as a sauce to accompany your meals. What makes it special is the mix of the salty taste of Feta with the sweetness of Mizithra, making a combination that it is worth trying!

Tip: Spread some Tirosalata on a piece of bread, place chopped tomatoes on top and eat it as a healthy but at the same time tasty breakfast!

Ingredients: 62% Cheeses (mizithra, feta, cream), sunflower oil, egg yolk, water, salt, mustard, sugar.

Quantity : 250g

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