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Spicy white alalunga tuna in sunflower oil - 314g



The white tuna has a strong and intense flavour, the combination offered by Alelma with sunflower oil and spicy pepper stands out for its characteristic taste. The white  tuna is native to the Mediterranean sea, a quite warm sea, and one of its favourite spots is located in the north Aegean Sea.

In the waters of the Sporades islands, in particular around the island of Alonissos, the blue fin tuna finds its natural habitat and reproduces. The island of Alonissos, has always been inhabited by fishermen who have been fishing according to traditional methods in order to survive. The white alalunga tuna has always been respected and left to mate.

White Alalunga Tuna, Sunflower Oil, Red Pepper

Alelma is the first and only small production company on the island of Alonissos possessing the necessary certifications to sell a safe product.

All the stages of the short production process undergo rigorous quality controls; that is how the spicy white tuna in sunflower oil is produced.

During the fishing season, which generally runs from March to October, the production department works at full capacity. The secret relies on the immediate processing of the freshly caught fish, so as to preserve its taste and quality.

Quantity : 314g

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