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Spicy Graviera from Crete - 200g



This Spicy Graviera from Crete is one of the most impressive cheeses of Greece! It is made as the normal Gravieras are, by goat and sheep milk, and then Bukovo is added to it and it is left to age for 4 months. The Bukovo gives this cheese a nice spiciness that will make you want to eat more and more! Also, its' appearance is ideal to serve it as a table cheese, since it has red spots because of the Bukovo. Serve it on your table or use it in your cooking and your guests will be impressed for sure!

Try out the Spicy Graviera in the single portion of 200gr and let its' taste enchant you!

Sheep milk 90%, goat 10%, salt, rennet, culture, calcium chloride, bukovo.

Quantity : 200g

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