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Spicy tomato ketchup - 280g



  • Here is an alternative version of the classic ketchup, an explosion of taste and spicy flavours that can give tone and vivacity to your recipes.
  • The mix of spices used, coming all from the Mediterranean basin, is a recipe that the Dolopia team matured in time. 
  • Aromatic herbs and spices combine to the classic ketchup to create a Spicy Tomato Ketchup, a product that ideally accompanies not only grilled meats but also the classic hamburger.

Tomato, Vinegar, Honey, Onion, Sugar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt, Mustard, Celery, Spices

The best time to prepare this Spicy Ketchup is the one that goes from late spring to early summer, when tomatoes and onions are at the peak of their ripeness, and so their taste is even more intense.

At that time the workshop of Dolopia is working non-stop, pots are on the stove for hours until their content reaches the perfect consistency.

Ketchup has to simmer for at least 3 to 4 hours; we start by frying vegetables and we gradually add all the other ingredients like sweet tomatoes from the valley of Omvriakos and the tasty mix of spices that gives a special spicy character to that sauce.

Quantity : 280g

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