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Straggisto cow yogurt 3% from Karditsa - 500g

Greek Flavours


This elite yogurt is traditionally known as 'Straggisto', which translates to Greek for 'straining'. Produced using traditional straining techniques and solely with fresh cow's milk from the Karditsa region of Greece, Straggisto cow yogurt 3% from Karditsa is of superior quality. With a luxuriant texture and distinct flavor, this yogurt is sure to delight.

Containing 3% fat, it is the ideal choice for those looking for a nutritious, low fat meal in the morning, accompanied by fresh fruit or granola.

This 500g Straggisto cow yogurt from Karditsa is packaged in a durable glass jar that provides a secure seal. You can enjoy a nutritious breakfast for up to a week thanks to its re-sealable design.

Quantity : 500g

Ingredients: Semi-Skimmed Fresh cow milk, milk protein, flower milk, yogurt culture.

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