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Straggisto cow yogurt 6% from Karditsa - 500g

Greek Flavours


"Straggisto" is a Greek term for yogurt, which  literally means that the yogurt is left to strain without any extra additives. This strained cow yogurt is a high quality product, delicately prepared using traditional methods of natural straining and made solely with fresh cow's milk from the area of Karditsa.  This results in an exceptionally creamy texture and unique flavor.

At 6% Fat, this yogurt is an excellent base for the classic tzatziki or a nutritious morning meal when paired with fresh fruit or granola. Additionally, its culinary potential is vast and can be incorporated into many recipes.

This 500g yogurt is packaged in a high quality glass jar, designed for a secure seal and multiple uses. Enjoy a week of delicious, nutritious breakfasts thanks to this re-sealable jar.

Quantity : 500g

Ingredients: Fresh cow's milk, milk protein, flower milk, yogurt culture.

Nutritional values: Energy: 396 kJ / 95 kcal - Fat: 6.0g - Saturated fat: 4.7g - Carbohydrates: 3.2g - of which Sugars: 2.9g - Protein: 5.5g - Salt: 0,29g

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