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Striftaria with goat milk - 360g



The striftaria, which in greek means "twisted", is a very common pasta in Greece.

The use of the ancient mavraganis flour variety gives uniqueness and excellence to the Dolopia production. The craftsmen in the valley that produce the traditional variety of durum wheat called mavragani are now very few. Therefore, the difficulty in finding this flour renders the production limited and in a small scale.

Goat's milk and eggs complete the recipe, there is no need to balance the flavour with the addition of salt.

Goat milk, Mavragani Wheat Flour

Dolopia is a small family running farm located in the mountains of Central Greece, its philosophy is based on the rapprochement between traditional flavours, traditional recipes and the consumer.

This in-depth pursuit has led Dolopia to select raw materials no longer in use, such as the ancient flour mavraganis used for the preparation of striftaria. This flour was used several years ago and is a typical product of the Omvriakos valley. This is a very high digestibility flour particularly hard to find nowadays; an ingredient that makes these striftaria a unique and exceptional product from a salutary point of view.

Quantity: 360g

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