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Sweet Trahana with Sheep Milk - 500g

776 Deluxe


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Anyone who has eaten in some typical restaurant in Greece or has had the opportunity to try some Greek pasta specialty probably has already met the renowned Trahana. At a first sight, the trahana is similar to couscous, but much larger and more substantial.

The trahana is a superb accompaniment for many different dishes. The trahana soups are the most famous, but there are various other recipes based on Trahana often combining it with fish and shellfish.

Wheat Flour, Semolina, Pasteurized Sheep Milk, Salt

The Sweet Trahana with Sheep milk produced by 776 Deluxe is characterized by an irregular form with a fairly uniform surface.

The particular type of processing renders them so different from one another, but also so perfect and unique. They are made with soft flour and pasteurized sheep's milk, ingredients that all come from the region of Ilia and specifically from the area of Olympia.

They are called "sweet" because they do not follow the stronger and sourer recipe based on Greek yogurt, but they are made from sheep's milk.

Quantity: 500g

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