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Traditional yogurt light 2% - 3x240g

Greek Flavours


This yogurt is light, it has 2% fat and it is the best yogurt for a healthy diet, not only because it is light, but also because of the health benefits it has. It is full of calcium and it is vital for bone health! 

The Greek Yogurt in its most traditional form! This Yogurt is made from fresh sheep milk, which is collected daily from local farmers. It is made following the traditional way of fermenting and of course there is no additives or preservatives in it.

It has a thick layer on top that is called ‘Petsa’(=skin) and the taste of this yogurt will impress you!

Try this yogurt with some fresh fruits and granola and it will be the most healthy dessert you can have!

Take advantage of the special offer of 3pcs x 240g each.

Fresh semi-skimmed sheep's milk, traditional yogurt yeast

Quantity : 3x240g

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