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Mastic tsoureki - 3x380g



Tsoureki is a traditional Greek sweet bread that has a lot of history. It was originally baked only on Holidays because flour and eggs were very expensive in times of war. Nowadays, it is baked all year round and it is common for Greeks to eat Tsoureki as breakfast or as dessert. It is a very healthy and tasty sweet bread, unique in its kind! 

Tip: Try a slice of Tsoureki topped with butter and Greek honey to enjoy the most traditional Greek breakfast!


Take advantage of the offer with 3 Tsourekia so you can always have a tasty sweet bread for breakfast or dessert!

Wheat flour, sugar, water, vegetable oils, sourdough, yeast, whole egg powder, almond, full fat milk powder, butter milk, emulsifiers, salt, orange and lemon zest, mahaleb, preservatives, mastiha, acidity regulator, cardamom, flour treatment.

Quantity : 3x380g

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