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White alalunga tuna in water - 212g



The Aegean Sea around the Sporades islands area has a different colour, not the usual image of Greece to which we are all accustomed. The deep blue water gives way to greener tones, a sea water always as clear as a glass of mineral water. This is the water that enters directly into the Alelma jar, in order to preserve the natural taste of the tuna.

  • The Alelma white alalunga tuna in water has all the taste of the Aegean Sea and all the delicacy of the natural tuna. 
  • Caught in the waters off the island of Alonissos it is a true delicacy. 
  • The Sporades islands are different from the islands of the Southern Aegean sea: they are lush and green, because of the weather disturbances coming from the north. 
  • This is the habitat of the white alalunga tuna of Alonissos, which lives and reproduces in the waters around the island.

White Tuna, Water, Tonno Bianco, Acqua

The natural white alalunga tuna is stored directly in its cooking water and contains very few calories.

The freshly caught tuna arrives daily at the Alelma family run small company, on the island of Alonissos, where it is immediately processed. The fish is first thoroughly cleaned and then cooked in the same sea water in which it was stored.

This particular and natural preparation reserves the tuna, who maintains both its organoleptic quality and original taste. The production process of Alelma is certified and follows the European standards.

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